Special Tribute to the Firehouse Five Plus Two

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This Labor Day weekend we are pulling out the suspenders, hats, siren, brass fire bell, and even a real fire truck provided by the Rancho Cordova Fire Department to pay tribute to the Firehouse Five Plus Two Jazz Band!

We will be playing four of these special sets at the :


1:30 pm – Hyatt House Hotel Entrance
2:00 pm – California Ballroom


3:30 pm – California Ballroom


12:30 pm – Junior Ballroom

Check out this amazing article, http://rbistudio.com/firehouse5plus2.html#history by Robert Butler.

A short excerpt:

After WW11 ended, at Walt Disney Studios, a group of animators, writers and technicians (who loved jazz) would gather into Ward Kimball’s office at lunch time and play along with the phonograph. One day it broke down and they played without it. So, they started playing at weekly get togethers in living rooms. Word got out about them and they began playing for friends’ parties and public dances.

At about that time the band consisted of animator and producer Ward Kimball (trombone), animation director Frank Thomas (piano), animator Clarke Mallory (clarinet), sound effects and voice of Mickey Mouse Jim MacDonald (drums) and screenwriter Ed Penner (bass sax, and later, the tuba). The next two to join were writer John Lucas (trumpet) and animator and art director Harper Goff (banjo).